The interview

The majority of medical schools interview all applicants whom they feel have a reasonable chance of getting places. This means that about half of applicants are invited for interview, and most will get places. But, at present, Southampton, Belfast, Edinburgh and St Andrew’s medical schools do not interview those who have not yet taken their A2 levels, i.e. pre-A-level candidates, at all. There are two main aims of the interview:

  • to judge your enthusiasm, commitment and suitability for medicine
  • to assess your academic potential.

The latter is slightly less important for universities that concentrate less on the basic sciences behind medicine. Most of these are content with the evidence provided by your school report and your GCSE and AS/A2-level performance. To assess your commitment, interviewers will definitely ask you in one way or another why you want to study medicine. There is no perfect answer to this question – but remember you are trying to sell yourself.

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