How to choose a medical school

So you have decided that becoming a doctor is the only thing you want to do. You are doing the right A levels, and you are pretty bright! However, where should you go to study for the next 4–6 years? This chapter will outline various factors you should take into consideration when choosing the four medical schools you are going to put down on your UCAS form.

Entry requirements

You have no doubt realized that you need to get top grades to do medicine, but there is a wide range in offers, which may sway your choice of medical school. Belfast, Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and Dundee are currently the only schools that ask for 3As; the majority accept AAB and a few may accept ABB at A2 level. Although medicine has a reputation for being exclusive and only for the academically gifted, all medical schools have a policy on students who may have missed their intended grades. Therefore, do contact the medical school you are interested in to enquire about their resit policy. Also be aware that some medical schools ask for certain GCSE requirements – for example, Cambridge asks for a grade C or above in Physics, Maths and Biology. (See also Chapter 2 on entry requirements to medical school.)

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