Choosing general practice (primary care)

This chapter will discuss the entry requirements for general practice (primary care), and will focus on what this branch of medicine can offer you and what opportunities are made available from it.

Medical school entry

If you already feel a strong vocation towards general practice (primary care) and wish to say so at your selection interview, there is no harm in doing so. These days, general practitioners (GPs) sit on many interview panels, and it will be recognized by the interviewers that the initial aspirations of most candidates will change in the course of their career. The medical school curriculum is as comprehensive as possible. There will be many opportunities to see most specialties, including general practice (primary care), in the course of the five or six years that you will be at medical school, and many undergraduates become tempted by what they see changing in a positive and healthy way throughout their undergraduate years. However, about 60% of all undergraduates in medicine will make a career in general practice (primary care) for a variety of reasons.

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